Contemplative Communities Lab III [video]

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William Lundy and Anna Farrow, videography

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This incubator lab is one part of the Contemplative Communities Cluster Project in the Health and Human Enrichment Cluster. This project has several moving parts with the development of four experimental general education Directions courses. (See additional items for the flyer used to promote the four courses). All four courses are themed together around the use of contemplative inquiry exploring curiosity around Shakespeare, Playfulness, Observation, and Ethics.

While the courses meet individually covering individual course content with thematic material on curiosity, all of the sections meet every Wednesday for 50 minutes in an Incubator Lab designed to allow the students to learn from each other, experience contemplative inquiry from the various disciplinary perspectives of English, Communication and Media, and Biology. Students facilitate the incubator labs and each course of students teaches the other students what they learn in their individual classes.

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