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Restricted Access Thesis

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Doctor of Education in Learning, Leadership, and Community


Department of Educational Leadership, Learning, and Curriculum

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Ann B. Berry

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Kathy DesRoches

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Jere Turner

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Gail Mears


A lack of persistence through the developmental mathematics program at Manchester Community College in New Hampshire (MCC-NH) has created a roadblock to degree and certificate completion. This research is a mixed-methods program evaluation of a redesigned developmental mathematics program during its second semester in the spring of 2016. The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the influence this program had on students’ persistence by investigating students’ academic achievement, mindset, and affect that emerged in the redesigned classrooms. This evaluation illuminates the benefits of positive transformation and support for the MCC-NH developmental mathematics student population. The evaluation also explored the issues that arose in the redesigned classrooms. Findings from this evaluation informed stakeholders on further constructive modifications of the program with respect to meeting the learning needs of students at the college, and will serve to supplement the current knowledge that exists on innovative developmental mathematics programs in higher education.



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