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Open Access Dissertation

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Doctor of Education in Higher Education


Department of Educational Leadership, Learning, and Curriculum

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Clarissa Uttley

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Lauren Haley

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Gerard Buteau

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Robin Dorff


This study was designed to examine general education teacher preparation programs and how colleges and universities in New England approach classroom organization and behavior management in their syllabi. This replication study was based on the 2007 study by Oliver & Reschly who examined syllabi from special education teacher preparation in classroom organization and behavior management. Nine colleges and universities in New England contributed 91 elementary education syllabi. Results indicate that there is still insufficient training in teacher preparation programs in the areas of classroom organization and behavior management. A thematic analysis of the same syllabi was implemented to develop five themes, including Diversity, Professional Skills, Curriculum, Family and Community, and Social Justice. Limitations for the study are discussed along with further research needs in this area.