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Restricted Access Dissertation

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Doctor of Education in Learning, Leadership, and Community


Department of Educational Leadership, Learning, and Curriculum

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Mary Ann McGarry

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Kathleen Norris

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Gara B. Field


The purpose of this qualitative research study was to examine how educators perceive that international travel study experiential teacher learning impacts their educational practice and contributes to creating globalized classrooms. This study incorporated a qualitative research grounded theory approach whereby five educators were interviewed. Coding and analysis of the data –transcribed stories –led to the discovery and development of a Continuum of Seven Stages, which educators progressed through personally and professionally as a result of traveling internationally. In addition, A Blueprint for Globalizing the Classroom was created from the multiple pedagogical practices identified by teachers as being effective strategies for key student outcomes. The Continuum and the Blueprint can be used as valuable models to encourage educators to travel and globalize their classrooms.



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