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This is the 2017 edition in a series of Summer Anthologies collecting writing by participants in the National Writing Project in New Hampshire invitational and advanced leadership institutes. These works are typically written during the institute itself and are as diverse in form, content, and theme as our participants. Some are inspired by exercises completed in writing groups. Most are shared in writing groups or at open mic sessions and are revised during the length of the institute. Fellows, returning fellows, project faculty and staff are all invited to contribute.

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Table of Contents

You Can Read it, But You Ain’t Gonna to Like It by Randy Brooker 1

Anymore* by Nelly Mejia Martí 4

Children of Stone* by Mary Magnusson 5

Good Days, Bad Days by Alexis Sebilian 8

Dante by Fanny Fernandez 10

Letter to a Colleague by Jaison Jimenez 12

The Socratic Method by Christopher D'agostino 14

Josear by Anthony P. Vasko 17

Teacher Lore by Ashley Nicol 23

Our Legacy* by Patricia Ossers 27

Teaching is Like Spreading the Seeds of a Dandelion by Christina Lamson 28

The Day I Died by James Smith 30

Self-Analysis* by Eridania Rodriguez 34

A Father's Love by Jorge Luis Palmero Mota 36

A Diamond in the Rough by Gavin Kearns 37

Coming to Santiago, Dominican Republic, 1987: A Personal Narrative in Three Moments by Meg Petersen 39

A Pot of Gold by Molly Campbell 42

Serving Newark’s Inner City by Hugo Ventura 47

Redemption and Second Chances by Elizabeth Renaud 50

Last Wave by Héctor Santana 54

*Access to these works has been restricted at the request of the authors.

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