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This is an interdisciplinary collaboration between three traditionally distinct disciplines: Dance, Visual Art, and Theater Production. The goal is to produce an evening length performance on the main stage at Hanaway Theater on December 2 that utilizes the Brechtian idea of breaking the fourth wall. DN 3010 - Contemporary Dance Ensemble (CDE) (Instructor: Amanda Whitworth) has been co-scheduled in D&M with AR 3940 - Advanced Multi-Disciplinary Studies (3D) (Instructor: Phil Lonergan). The classes will be joined by an upper-level student taking TH 3670 - Advanced Practicum in Production (Instructor: Bob Bruemmer). This is a semester-long project where Advanced Sculpture students (Advanced MultiDisciplinary Studies), CDE, and Advanced Theater Production students learn the content, purpose, epistemologies, and methods involved with each other’s disciplines. By thoroughly exploring each other’s ways of working, they will find pathways to integrate knowledge and concepts in the service of the creation of the final performance and an accompanying public talk. Students will also travel to NYC to view current Art and Dance performances and attend a movement workshop given by contemporary practitioners in the field. The performance will be open to the public. On a separate day, the students will facilitate a panel discussion, also open to the public, which will focus on the purpose of the work and why it requires an interdisciplinary perspective; which disciplinary perspectives contributed to the work’s overall meaning; where/how the disciplinary perspectives come together; the challenges of working across disciplines and the possibilities that it opened for the group, for art, for education, etc.


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