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Exploration & Discovery Cluster; Education Democracy & Social Change Cluster


To build a strong connection between PSU and the New Hampshire Historical Society, this project creates a relationship between the two entities via an experiential learning project conducted in partnership with the nation's exemplary National History Day (NHD) program run collaboratively by the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Historical Society, a model public university/state-historical-society enterprise that uses college students in open-lab-like settings to reach over 25,000 secondary students each year. This year's project, phase I, will utilize a matching grant from the Minnesota Historical Society so as to integrate four members of three entities. From PSU a history professor from the Exploration & Discovery Cluster will join with a social studies education professor in the Education, Democracy, & Social Change Cluster; they will collaborate with the education outreach director of the New Hampshire Historical Society, and all three will work with the education outreach director of the Minnesota Historical Society who holds a joint appointment as a history professor at the University of Minnesota. In the fall the three NH participants will spend five days/four nights in Minnesota learning how the university and society work together, fulfilling each institution's public mission through a collaborative effort. In addition to tours of facilities and meetings with key stakeholders, the NH participants will participate in statewide programming (in rural and urban settings) so as to witness the ways the Minnesota History Day program integrates college students with historical society resources so as to teach (and hone) career-preparing and college-level skills for secondary students.

In the spring the Minnesota participant will follow-up with several days of on-site visits with the NH Historical Society and PSU participants, providing valuable and professional feedback, follow-up, and his perspectives towards growing PSU?s NHD program (NHDNH) in open lab ways with a strong PSU-New Hampshire Historical Society partnership. Also the two PSU investigators will travel to the University of Maryland at College Park to visit the national headquarters of the NHD program, attend teacher workshops which they can model in NH, and expose the program at the national level to the PSU coordinator of the Social Studies Education major. Founded in 1974, NHD is a highly respected non-profit organization with an affiliate in each of the 50 states and US territories. Studies report it promotes: rigorous research, effective argumentation, and creative presentation of student-created histories; achieving remarkably successful results.


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