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Students will travel to Boston for a daytrip in order to engage in an experiential study of the content and processes of their First Year Seminar/Thinking for Yourself Linked Learning Community Course. This trip will allow students to engage in conversation with a Holocaust Survivor through collaboration with Facing History and Ourselves, an educational non-profit in Brookline, MA. Students will engage in dialogue with the survivor as they further investigate the various factors of identity and choice as demonstrated by the Holocaust. Following this meeting, students will travel to the Pucker Gallery where the gallery owner will facilitate a discussion of the artwork of Samuel Bak, a survivor or the Holocaust and world renown artist. Students will then have the opportunity to view and analyze the Bak collection as they investigate the role of art and survivor testimony in the legacy of learning about the Holocaust. Participation in this project will be yield application of their learning experience in a class presentation focusing on individual experience of the Holocaust.


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