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Education Democracy & Social Change Cluster


Plymouth State University (PSU) and the Pemi Youth Center (PYC) have a deep and long-standing relationship that dates back to PYC’s inception in 1999. PSU announced a unique and formal partnership with PYC and Granite United Way (GUW) in 2013. This partnership takes a collective impact and interdisciplinary approach in community building and student engagement that is aligned with the integrated cluster mission and vision. The partnership leverages the PYC youth empowerment and leadership model in developing a new strategy in service delivery that engages over 80 PSU students each year, with the potential of involving even more students. These students learn that being a leader is not about a title, but rather it is about moving through the world with the courage to offer authenticity and collaboration. Their engagement builds organizational capacities while linking academic theories to practice, and they grow both professionally and personally as they lead by example. The priorities of this partnership as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding are to develop more opportunities for PSU students to become involved in comprehensive high impact learning experiences; provide the non-profit community with support when working with and mentoring PSU students; and to help increase capacity for an important community resource.


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