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I am collaborating with J. Daniel Lambert of High Branch Conservation Services, and Kara Pearson and Dr. Alana Westwood of Dalhousie University on an international project entitled “Spatial prioritization of conservation and management opportunities for Canada Warbler in BCR14” (the bioregion encompassing NE US and SE Canada). This project involves the same process Lambert and I did with the assistance of four PSU undergraduate interns in Spring 2015 that culminated in documents for four species of Special Conservation Concern, including the Canada warbler. The current project uses information in our document entitled “Guidelines for Managing Canada Warbler Habitat in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions” and adds sophisticated modeling undertaken by the Dalhousie team. The effort is intended to inform management strategies for this species, threatened in Canada due to rapid declines detected by the North American Breeding Bird Survey. The two-phase project will first develop habitat management guidelines and then generate a highly vetted spatial map of conservation and management opportunities based upon modeling and feedback from a range of experts.


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