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Health & Human Enrichment Cluster


The aim of this proposal is to initiate a formal process for building on the “culture of health” established by Healthy PSU (a worksite wellness campaign). The project aligns directly with the mission of the Health and Human Enrichment Cluster in that a program to address the needs of students will “support, promote, and enhance quality of life for all through education, research, and partnerships.” This project will take an integrative approach to establish wellness campaign in which students will be directly involved and impacted. Evidence-based practices for program planning will be applied so as to support cross-disciplinary and full-constituency engagement. The process will begin with establishing an enhanced leadership team representing all stakeholders. Next a needs assessment research process will identify campus-wide capacities, and leading determinants of student wellness. Finally, based on the research an action plan with recommended program goals will be produced. Future stages (beyond the scope of this application) will be needed to set forth an operating plan to identify appropriate objectives and intervention strategies. This will be a long range process requiring ongoing collaboration. This proposal is only for the initial staging aspects and pilot research studies.


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