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Health & Human Enrichment Cluster


This project’s aim it to start a community conversation and external partnership with a variety of campus constituents, community partners and external organizations that will collaborate in the design and implementation of a Healthy Aging Initiative at PSU. This project aligns directly with the mission of the Health and Human Enrichment Cluster in that the resulting Healthy Aging Initiative will “support, promote, and enhance quality of life for all through education, research, and partnerships.” This approach is integrative by bringing together expertise, interest and resources from a varied groups and disciplines. Evidence-based practices will be applied and transdisciplinary engagement will be a final outcome. The process will begin with establishing a cross-cutting team representing all stakeholders to begin the process of identifying the regional community capacities and needs around the concept of healthy aging for all. Overall, this will be a long range project, emerging in phases, requiring ongoing collaboration. The implementation of coursework, community outreach and projects will provide rich opportunities for students to conduct research, participate in projects and develop skills for supporting healthy behavior choices for all ages. This project is just a beginning.


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