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Students enrolled in the winter term of CO5070 Research Design in the Helping Professions will work in small groups partnering with the Communities for Alcohol and Drug-free Youth (CADY) to develop program evaluation instruments for specific CADY programs. CADY facilitates a number of programs that address youth substance use prevention and intervention. Each student group will choose a CADY program of interest and conduct a thorough literature review to identify the problem the program addresses. The group will then define the specific program and provide a detailed description of the program methodology. Each student group will develop an evaluation instrument for CADY to gather data and assess outcomes for the specific program. Student group will present the literature review, program description and methodology, and evaluation instrument to CADY for review. CADY will utilize the new program evaluation instruments for each CADY program. Finally, student groups will submit proposals to and design research posters of their program evaluation project for the Plymouth State University Student Showcase of Excellence. Based on acceptance of each proposal, student groups will print posters to present at the Showcase in April 2017. Students will have the option to submit proposals to future conferences that align with their interests and the specific program evaluations such as the New Hampshire School Counseling Association, New Hampshire Association of School Psychologists conference, New Hampshire Behavioral Health conference, and New Hampshire Clinical Mental Health Counselors Association conference.


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