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The state of New Hampshire in 2016 legislated that all recreational vehicles that utilize New Hampshire trails must register with one of the recognized regional trail clubs. Currently trail maintenance is primarily done by local club volunteers however funding to the regional clubs is very inconsistent resulting in some clubs being highly underfunded for the increased level of recreational vehicle rider traffic. The new state law goes into effect on April 1st of 2018 however there is no electronic option with any club to be able to register machines. This project would fund PSU computer science students to create a fully functioning internet portal that would be used by both individual riders and local dealerships to register their recreational vehicles in accordance to new state regulations. The PSU portal would create both an internet interface for users to create an account as well as the database needed to register one or many machines. The ability to register machines with a local trail club will generate significant new revenues supporting safety and maintenance activities necessary for safe riding.


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