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The north country of New Hampshire (above the notch) is a region of the state that has experiences severe economic deterioration over the past 20 years due to the closing of many mills and other major employment sources. As such, a dependency upon hunting, fishing, tourism, and snowmobiling have become a primary economic driver however climate change has further eroded these seasons reducing out of state visitors to these small towns. Over the past five years the 12 regional all-terrain vehicle clubs (ATV) have partnered with regional government to combine their summer trail systems creating the Ride the Wilds network of ATV trails that combined represent over 1,000 miles of maintained riding environments for ATVs. The Ride the Wilds trail system is one of the best in the country and represents a unique partnership between the ATV clubs, local businesses, and private land owners. Local governments have relaxed restrictions to allow ATV’s to travel on designated streets and roads so that trail systems can connect and riders can access local restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and shopping with no modifications of the machines or special state registrations.

The scope of this project is to develop an economic impact study baseline to show how much this industry impacts the regional economy. It is also the objective of this project to take the foundational benefits that have been created and develop new economic impact opportunities to promote responsible recreational vehicle usage.


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