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Health & Human Enrichment Cluster


Goal: To increase opportunities for allied health, pre-professional students to participate in eating disorders education.


  1. To establish a leadership team of professionals in a variety of academic disciplines interested in eating disorders education for undergraduate and graduate students: The leadership team was made up of Gary Goodnough, Steven Flynn and Christine Flanders The leadership team met April 13, 2017. 2. Use evidenced based planning processes to develop educational content for learning modules: It was decided that the modules would include the following: overview of eating disorders; webinars on topics such as medical aspects for nursing students, webinar on weight stigma and a 3 hour experiential body acceptance program.
  2. Pilot learning modules to undergraduate and graduate students. Use pre and post assessments: This was not completed due to time constraints.
  3. Evaluate pilot sessions to provide steps for future refinement: This was not completed.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Describe the six components of the generalized planning model for health education programs. The graduate student became familiar the Generalized Planning Model which consists of five basic phases or steps: assessing needs, setting goals/objectives, developing interventions, implementing interventions, evaluating results.
  2. Describe at least 3 components or educational strategies to be included in educational experiences for UG and GRAD students. We discussed educational strategies and decided on our four modules.
  3. Describe the critical element in learning assessments. This will be completed if approved for continuation in the fall.
  4. Describe at least two ways to conduct a systematic literature search for evidence based practice in health education. We are in the process of conducting a search and reviewing of webinars on selected topics from national eating disorder associations and treatment centers.


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