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Tourism, Environment & Sustainable Development Cluster


Phase V involves hosting a moderated PBS movie, (October 3rd, Tuesday, 6:30 p.m., Boyd 144), entitled: An Island Divided: Haiti and the Dominican Republic, (51 min.). Meg Peterson and Sheryl Shirley, both PSU Professors will co-moderate, introducing the movie and leading a discussion following. Common Ground (the Environmental and Social Justice Club) and the Geography club will be invited to endorse the movie and serve as co-hosts. Sheryl Shirley will invite students from her Spring '17 Humanitarianism course who focused and developed projects on the island of Hispaniola to the movie to share views. Next, the management team will hold a conference on Wednesday, October 25th, at the new Merrill Place facility. The conference will be open to the public. Specific courses will be targeted and invited. Registration will be required for the conference and will open at the beginning of the academic year and close on September 16th so the management team can make final plans. Sam Evans Brown of NH public radio will be the host of the conference.

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