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Colonel Town Recreation provides a wide range of recreational opportunities and community engagement for residents of all ages in Lancaster, NH. It is a major community asset in Lancaster, and a key to attracting younger members of the community and families, as well as serving seniors. The organization is now grappling with key decisions of growth and sustainability, including matters of policy, safety, facility conditions, marketing and branding as part of a five-year planning process.

Cathy Conway, member of the USNH Board of Directors, requested the assistance of PSU, based on knowledge of the Lancaster Community Development Support initiative (PCL 105) and as a Colonel Town Board member. The project team envisions an intensive retreat for the Colonel Town Board of Directors and key staff members, through which the organization can come to terms with the challenges mentioned above. A decision has been made by the Board to proceed with the next stage of support through a PSU cluster-based initiative in Fall 2017. As the project takes shape over the Fall semester, the Board and PSU may wish to renew this Cluster agreement for the Spring of 2018, involving other areas of PSU’s cluster expertise.

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