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Nursing students need a solid understanding of pediatric development in order to accurately assess, effectively communicate with, and safely provide care for children and families across the lifespan. For students who have no prior experience interacting with children, it is difficult to gain applicable knowledge of normal pediatric development from theory courses and by caring for sick children in a hospital setting. Therefore, an opportunity to interact with healthy children, and to observe their interaction with their peers, provides students with an experiential learning opportunity to develop knowledge and skills for clinical practice in pediatrics, school health, community health, and family-focused teaching on safety, nutrition, and physical and psychosocial growth. For the most effective interactions with children, nursing students should fit into the setting at the CYCF, and nursing scrubs are not appropriate attire. CYCF staff should be able to identify the students as nursing students, yet children should not identify students as belonging in a hospital based on their uniforms. This project will enable nursing students to meet the goals and objectives outlined above.


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