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Underlying New Hampshire’s strong tourism economy is a tradition of hosting French-speaking visitors from Canada, specifically Quebec and the Maritime Provinces. This project aims to take a fresh look at how to enhance the experience of these visitors in the North Country, thereby increasing visitor/days, dollars spent/visitor, repeat visits, referrals and overall customer satisfaction. Underlying these primary benefits, there will be a secondary objective to relieve some issues caused by over-subscription of traditional tourist destinations such as Franconia Notch State Park and the Franconia Ridge.

Stakeholders will include tourism-related businesses (inns, motels, lodges, restaurants, tourist attractions) as well as White Mountain National Forest and the Appalachian Mountain Club, and selected North Country towns that depend on tourism. Access to the Quebecois and other Frenchspeaking cultural organizations will be secured from the Canadian Consulate in Boston and with help from Chuck Henderson of US Senator Shaheen’s office, as well as NH State offices.

The project will take advantage of PSU’s understanding of tourism in the North Country, previous experiences in creating positive French-language messaging and cultural training for New Hampshire host venues, customer-experience marketing techniques, branding and the graphic arts.


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