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For this project, Dan and Chantalle will co-teach a course in Spring 2018 entitled Legal Analytics, which will be a project-based, three-credit course listed as BU 4090: Current Topics in Business. Students will gather and organize data relative to all of the recent federal civil lawsuits in New Hampshire and use big data analytics tools to evaluate, quantify, and predict the legal risks to which businesses in New Hampshire are subject, and the costs thereof. We will work with an external partner from the New Hampshire bar who will assist in the data gathering and refining process. We will share the data and analysis with local businesses to help them quantify, based on data, their individual risk of being sued for certain claims. New Hampshire business people will then be better able to understand the legal risks associated with their operations, prepare an accurate budget for their legal risk, and make more informed operating decisions (e.g., assess who a “risky” customer and discontinue business with him or her). We may also share the data with the public, helping the citizenry properly identify their rights, and making litigation more transparent.


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