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Tourism, Environment & Sustainable Development Cluster


PSU has made a name for itself with large-scale sustainability projects and curriculum innovations. With undergraduate and graduate programs in Environmental Science and Policy, undergraduate programs in Environmental Planning and Environmental Biology, and a popular Sustainability Minor there is a need for students from all disciplines to understand smaller scale environmental design features that are reasonable and within reach of the average family household. This is relevant to all students at PSU, including the clear majority who hope to own a home someday and will be making these decisions in their own lives. The need to incorporate sustainability principles across disciplines and clusters is great, and the Sustainability Collaboratory will enable students from programs across campus to learn important applicable skills and engage in meaningful community outreach and service.

This project provides a location for inter-disciplinary collaborations and a resource for classes from many programs. Many courses from different disciplines can use the facility to understand how buildings work, track energy use and performance, conduct cost benefit analysis, practice project development skills, and experiment with implementation actions while collaborating with on campus and off campus partners. We feel this exciting project will also attract other funding opportunities over time due to its visibility and the opportunity for demonstration projects. In addition, the project engages students in active learning through improvements on our campus that addresses both sustainability goals and necessary maintenance and upgrades.


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