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To educate a group of participants on hiking skills/safety and equipment needs. To provide the participants with a physical activity opportunity for personal growth in the natural environment. To inspire the participants in a purposeful experience in nature to promote health and enhance wellbeing.

A total of 20 individuals, including 5 faculty, 2 students, 6 staff members, 2 alumni, 3 external partners & 2 community members (11 males and 9 females, ranging in age from 22-68 years old) participated in face-to-face training sessions, group discussions and email communications leading up to the summit day hike.

All participants had a hiking buddy and established a purposeful intention for the hike. 18 of the 20 participants completed the 9.9 mile day hike up the Jewell Trail of Mount Washington. Two participants summited Mount Washington via the Auto Road. All participants safely finished the climb without injury. Many of the participants shared a personal testimonial about the positive and meaningful impact that PSU Summit Day had on them.


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