Promoting Authentic Learning through 21st Century Learning Conferences: Presentation Materials

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Schools increasingly face the challenge of connecting their curriculum to the real world through authentic learning and community partnerships. During this session, work with administrators from Nipmuc Regional High School in Upton, Massachusetts as they explain how they developed and implemented “21st Century Learning Conferences” as a means to connect their classrooms with the world beyond campus. 21st Century Learning Conferences provide students with opportunities to network with professionals, choose sessions of personal interest, and engage in meaningful learning experiences not traditionally found during the school day. The workshop will provide concrete strategies for faculty and staff members as PSU integrates community partnerships into programming at the university. Workshop participants will learn how to customize these conferences to meet the needs of their students, school, and community.

AuthenticLearningActionSteps.pdf (901 kB)
Actionable Steps to Authentic Learning: Answers

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Feedback from “Gallery Walk: Four Questions”

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