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Health & Human Enrichment Cluster


This community action pilot project seeks to provide increased knowlege, awareness and application of healthy living through collaborative, peer to peer coaching and education. Peer to peer health promotion programs have been shown to be effective in impacting health and wellness in a positive way. Research shows that among young people, peer to peer education is effective in moving behaviors toward health protective behaviors (for example, reduced alcohol consumption and reduced stress). Further, and an aspect this project will focus on, peer to peer health promotion programs have been shown to have great benefit to the health educators themselves. Not only are they steeped in health promotion concepts, theory and practice, they learn leadership and facilitation skills along with health protective behaviors. Peer educators have been shown to have increased self esteem, increased empathy and openness (accepting others that are different from them), make healthier choices and are more ready to move into careers in the health field.


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