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Chris Frignoca and John McCarthy conducted a bioinventory of vertebrate and invertebrate fauna on the property of Sadhana Forest in Tamil Nadu, India. This is a permaculture reforestation project with a focus on recharging the water table and reforesting the site with native species of plants. It was started by Aviram Rozin in 2010 and to date no systematic survey of native animal species has been conducted. Chris and “Jack” deployed various published techniques to catalog invertebrates and several classes of vertebrates: birds, mammals, “reptiles” and amphibians. They spent the 19/20 school year “reducing” their data and drafting a report. They also gave two presentations in ES&P classes and Chris based his bioseminar talk on their data. They detected 75 bird species, 55 Invertebrate species, 23 invertebrate orders, 8 mammal species., 12 reptile species, and 5 amphibian species. They also found that diversity was greater in areas with a higher proportion of native plant species.


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