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The Cluster Archive is an effort to collect and manage records relating to the university’s transition to a cluster model in a digital archive. This digital archive organizes, makes accessible, and preserves resources documenting Plymouth State’s transition to this new organizational framework and showcases the products of cluster projects. Resources include, but are not limited to: blog posts, newspaper articles, campus newsletters, project proposals, completion reports, cluster meeting and forum minutes. Of particular interest is videography capturing cluster project work as it happens.

In Phase I (FY2016-2017), the platform for the archive was acquired and approximately 250 resources were added. Phase II (FY2017-2018) saw the addition of another 250 resources. Phase II was also where the project workflow for videography was successfully established, with students not just making recordings of cluster work, but managing that workflow as well. By the end of Phase II, a dependable student videography manager and an assistant were well established.

Phase III should see clusters themselves become more established as well, enabling the archive managers to show cluster leaders how to deposit meeting minutes, etc. on their own. Additionally, with Cluster Connect now online, it is a simpler process to identify and archive materials relating to cluster projects. The Cluster Archive will continue to be the home for long-term archiving of videography and images relating to the projects, as well project proposals and completion reports.


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