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This project will engage 20 undergraduate students enrolled in Roy Stever’s Business Innovation course in conducting Participatory Photo Mapping. (photographs, geographic information systems (GIS) and storytelling). Using Participatory Photo Mapping (Dennis 2009) can be a useful tool to engage college students in dialogue about perception of rural New England communities, including: perception of place, beliefs and values of rural living, and what assets and barriers students perceive to living in rural New England. Data would suggest that young people contribute to community wellbeing, economic development and revitalization efforts. Students will learn how to use ethnographic methods, photo elicitation and maps to understand barriers and assets to revitalization in five northern New Hampshire communities: Littleton, Lisbon, Berlin, Gorham and Lancaster. These five communities were selected because of their proximity to each other and because observationally, one community, Littleton, is more vital than the other four communities. Additionally, Gorham and Berlin were selected because of existing community partnerships in those towns.


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